TECSA has presented at the 3rd SFPE Europe Conference on Fire Safety Engineering that was organized in Málaga, Spain, 22-23 May 2019, with a paper titled “Crowd management and control. Case study for a stadium using Pedestrian Dynamics® software”.

The paper, signed by Luca Fiorentini, executive director of TECSA and vice president of SFPE Italy and the Italian Association of Fire Engineering, Maria Lappano from TECSA S.r.l., Ruggiero Lovreglio from Massey University and Marlies Wouters from INCONTROL Simulation Software, can be downloaded via this link.

TECSA is the official reseller of Pedestrian Dynamics® software in Italy.

Excerpt of the abstract: “Crowd safety and control is an important issue when organizing a large-scale event. The role played by management is crucial in ensuring safety of participants. Due to the increase of leisure massive events, safety of spectators has become an important matter to consider while planning these events. In the present work, we study the characteristics and movements of crowds in different environments (e.g. stadia, stations, airport etc.), then we analyze the specific characteristics of crowd egressing from a stadium. Finally, a specific case study applied on a sport stadium is investigated using Pedestrian Dynamics® software. In this case study, the impact of some design variations and different evacuation strategies are compared by investigating the egress time and the congestion points to evaluate the evacuation performance of different planning solutions.”