Enterprise Dynamics

Enterprise Dynamics® is the leading simulation software platform to assist and support in the modeling and analyzing of virtually any problem. Enterprise Dynamics allows you to find answers and insight without physically investing in the solution.

A good simulation software platform does not only provide fast modeling capabilities and good visualization features, but it also provides the possibilities for the re-use of previously made models, segments of models and components.

Pedestrian Dynamics

Pedestrian Dynamics ® is a specialized simulation environment to simulate pedestrians. Pedestrian Dynamics is designed to transform CAD drawings, BIM, and CityGML input data into 3D virtual environments in which the performance, safety and security of your environment can be analyzed and optimized.

Train your staff by experiencing various scenarios and get an understanding of the dynamics of managing a crowd entering or exiting an area or building.

Enterprise Resource Simulation

Enterprise Resource Simulation is a platform enabling companies to execute various parallel simulations to monitor complete process flows. The system is developed in a way that intermediate results of individual simulations can be exchanged over other impacting process simulations.

This to enable continuous improvement. This methodology is based on the Industry 4.0 philosophy, but can be utilized in various other processes such as Healthcare and City Resilience.